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Woman of the Land

This project explores, celebrates, and documents women of the land.  

Tina Butterfield is an artist visually capturing the women in Gunnison County.

Quincy Knight is a writer verbally expressing the women of here and now.

The Story

Tina Butterfield

I grew up on the western plains of Kansas in a tiny town of 100.  My dad was a farmer and rancher and my mother was a teacher.  I completed my BFA at Western Colorado University in Gunnison Colorado and my MFA at Radford University in Virginia.  The Gunnison Valley drew me back home to teach and pursue my art.  I explored visually the mountains and people who have surrounded me with figurative, landscape painting and drawing but I wanted to dive deeper into the stewardship of this place.  Research of the history of the location and the people represented give a limited version.  This project expands the history to focus on women and our connection to this land. 



Quincy Knight

 I grew up in Connecticut on the edges of suburbia and farmland, with a deep connection to the rolling fields and the horses that inhabited them. I completed my BFA in Literature at Colby Sawyer College in the lakes region of New Hampshire, and then was drawn to the unique lifestyle and completely western landscape that is Gunnison Colorado. I am excited to honor that lifestyle and landscape with the written word through this project.

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